I know I am skipping over much of my growing up years, but that is because they are not relevant to the subject at hand. Some of the stumbling blocks I ran into as an adult student were overcome by sheer determination. Math was my worst subject, but to get into a BSN program, statistics was required. I ended up taking math courses 7th grade level pre algebra all the way through statistics, so several years of math.All was well, and I was an A student until statistics and chemistry. I could not keep up with everyone else on time tests and was flunking from not being able to finish. I was scared something was wrong with me, so I went through getting tested for learning disabilities. While my IQ was deemed very high, I did have a visual processing deficit, and a processing speed deficit. I got accommodations to take my tests in a quiet room with more time, and improved immensely. I learned coping skills, and work around to get past these issues, and gained confidence in my ability to do anything I set my mind to.

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